HR stands for Hiring and Retention!

Create a company culture that promotes higher levels of employee satisfaction, morale, and productivity:

  1. Reduce turnover costs
  2. Reduce the chances of hiring the wrong employee
  3. Know why a key employee might leave before it's too late
  4. Better still, know what will cause a key employee to stay

SymmetricHR takes the guesswork out and puts employers in a position to realize the benefits of a content, loyal, and motivated workforce.


"I have used SymmetricHR™ for employee performance management. This tool was critical to us being able to gain transparency from our people on what exactly are their individual expectations and needs. We had an employee we were trying to incentivize using monetary rewards - after seeing the assessment results,.....

Anne Lowry, President / CEO, Reach360,


  • Web-based application is rich in user-friendly features
  • SymmetricHRhelps keep the focus where it is most needed
  • SymmetricHR makes both the interview and annual review processes meaningful and productive


Be proactive and take a symmetric approach to the mutual satisfaction of both employer and its employees.


For additional information about SymmetricHR, contact us by email at or phone 269 598-1915. We will answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to discover how SymmetricHR can make a significant difference in your organization’s hiring efforts, hiring costs and employee retention.